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Fall is scrumptious to taste and behold. Warm colors tantalize our eyes while all things pumpkin and apple cinnamon delight our mouth. It’s time for flannel, blankets, and campfires. We hope you get out and immerse yourself in all this season has to offer.


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HI I’M laura

Founder. Love to smell the roses, take in grand views and walk slowly. I feel God’s pleasure when I write. My motto: start with what’s in my hand and go from there.


Hi! I’m Sara. Homeschooler and on-the-go momma to more than enough! Originally from Omaha, NE. 

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A place of collaboration & sharing of creativity and experiences from women of all ages and walks of life.

Although your beginnings were small, your future will be very great indeed.

Job 8:7 Complete Jewish Bible

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The Narrow Life

For those who hunger and thirst for more. Articles and commentaries on pursuing a deep life with God.


Microbiz Minute

Business column with advice and tips for microbusiness owners (really, really small businesses) and solo entrepreneurs.

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Stories from around the family table, backyard BBQs, and community gatherings. Along with recipes that bring everyone back for seconds.

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The best part of our site is the ever-growing collection of verses from the Bible by topic, with notes, and linked to stories & articles that exemplify or explain.

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