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Paola Lane is a place where small beginnings lead to endless possibilities. The more you look, the more you’ll find.
We have articles by various contributors; a quarterly magazine; curated book lists, products & resources we love; and, our favorite, Words Of Life: a collection of verses, prayers, notes & meditations by topic which is updated weekly. Take your time exploring all that we have to offer.

Although your beginnings were small, your future will be very great indeed.

Job 8:7 CJB

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Editorial Columns

The Art of Living

Our lives are a blank canvas waiting to be painted, over and over again. It is not one and done. Every moment of your life is meant to be expressed for the benefit of yourself and others. Our stories are unique. This is the journey of my masterpiece. Along the way, let’s talk about how to create your masterpiece in the making.


Microbiz Minute

Business column with advice and tips for microbusiness owners (really, really small businesses) and solo entrepreneurs.

Seek…and you will find…

The Narrow Life

For those who sense there is more. A place of depth and satisfaction. Discovering the realness of Yeshua.

Guest contributors

veloris juneman
Veloris Juneman:
Contributor, The Art of Living
Kim Briggs:
July Guest Contributor
what we do

A lifestyle blog and quarterly magazine. A place of collaboration & sharing of creativity and experiences by women of all ages and walks of life.


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Laura: founder, publisher, EDITOR, designer, writer

Hi! I’m Laura and I love to smell the roses, take in grand views, and walk slowly. Originally from Wyoming & Colorado but now enjoying lake life on Table Rock Lake. My motto: start with what’s in my hand and go from there.


I’m Robin and I love and delight in the spontaneity of life. I believe it’s important to be fully present in every moment. I’ve lived on the west and east coast and now live in the beautiful Ozarks. My motto: Happiness is a choice.

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