12 Gift Ideas For Creatives

My 2021 gift idea list for Creatives (with photos).

Creatives are easy to please. The littlest of things can be such a delight because we see the possibilities in anything that touches our hands. It makes shopping for creatives a lot of fun. That being said, it’s always nice to have some fresh ideas for gift giving.

In this list, I tried to think of gift ideas for creatives that one wouldn’t normally consider. Ironically, all of the items on this list are things I purchased for myself in 2021! Every single item purposely enriched my creativity and I’m so glad I have them. I included a variety of price points and functions in this list. From things that a creative person might like to use personally to inspirational sources and even practical tools to use in whatever pursuits they dream.

So, without further ado…here’s my 2021 gift idea list for Creatives (see the photo gallery below of each item):

12 Gift Ideas For Creatives

  1. DIY Craft rooms. Okay, I found these little DIY minature rooms and bought three right away. If you’re like me, when I’m done working, I’d rather find something fun to do like a puzzle (see gift idea #6), get out a coloring book, read a book, etc. This looks absolutely wonderful as a mental break from regular day-to-day activities as well as a cute display on a shelf in my studio space. They even light up. Click here to view and receive 5% off.
  2. Vintage Typewriters. Creatives love the analog world! A vintage typewriter is the perfect idea for those who love to write poetry, journal regularly, want to write books, or enjoy sending letters the old-fashioned way! Visit Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters for a selection of machines, as well as, tips for buying a typewriter. They upload new typewriter listings every Saturday morning.
  3. Instax Mini SmartPhone Printer. I ordered this earlier in the year and LOVE it! It gives me little polaroid photos to use in art journals, a prayer journal I’m making, or even for use in blogging. I like to arrange them in photo collages or for social media posts.
  4. MadeToPlan.com. Made to order planners, notebooks, sketchbooks. Customize them with your name or a business logo. It’s a nice size, spiral bound, and there’s a variety of choices in page styles and cover colors. Last year I put my social media name on the front, this year I’m having a planner printed with the Paola Lane social media logo. I’m also ordering a personalized sketchbook for my son for him to use for the novel he is writing and any other ideas he has.
  5. Launch Your Vision book. Written by Rebecca Friedlander, an independent filmmaker, photographer, author, singer/composer. This is a wonderful book, with action steps and notes to telp you work through finding your vision and strategizing on how to launch your vision.
  6. Vintage-inspired Puzzles. I LOVE PUZZLES! It’s my favorite activity in the cold months of the year. Grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa, sit by the fire, and delve deep into a puzzle. They are fun to do alone or as part of family night or date night. (I may or may not have a very large collection of puzzles!)
  7. WORDS MATTER key fob/wristlet. I adore the work of this crafter on Etsy. I have one of her little 8×8″ craft art pieces but love that this is a wonderful stocking stuffer. It can be used as a key fob or wristlet.
  8. Pentel Refillable Pens. Seriously, the best pens ever. I was constantly buying the Pentel pens for all my journaling but then discovered they had these very nice refillable metal pens that come in a nice gift box. I have three different metal pens and each pen has a different colored ink. I gave one as a gift this year and it became their favorite pen as well!
  9. Vintage Camera, Books, or Other Vintage Prop. The most interesting items can be found in online auctions or antique shops. An affordable vintage camera and old books are relatively easy to come by and a wonderful display for a bookshelf or as photo props for creative projects. Even the pages out of antique books are often used for other artsy endeavors.
  10. Handmade Art Journals. Art journaling is so popular right now and a wonderful creative outlet. These collection of 3 mini art journals are made by an extremely talented creative. Focused on a vintage typewriter theme, they are suitable for writing, adding your own art items or a typed words. Very affordable as well!
  11. ART JOURNALING or IN HER STUDIO Magazine Subscriptions. I get so much inspiration from other creatives. Find a magazine subscription that will inspire the person in your life who has a creative bent. This link is to a company that has many wonderful magazine subscriptions for a variety of artistically-inclined individuals.
  12. A year subscription to a stock site for photos, videos, audio, or Adobe Creative Cloud. For artists, digital resources are becoming increasingly more of a necessity in order to share their work in the digital world. There are many wonderful “boutique” stock sites such as StyledStockHouse.com, SheBoldStock.com, StyledStockSociety.com*, EpidemicSound.com*, Canva.com*, and even Adobe Creative Cloud. Some creatives need that initial push to help them get their ideas out in the public and a one-year subscription to a resource such as these can be a big boost.

I hope you found this list helpful or at least inspiring! What would you add to the list? Comment below!

Note: Links with an asterisk* are affiliate links. I may receive a commission, discount, or free products if you choose to purchase through those links.

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