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    $105.00 for 1 year

    GIFT SUBSCRIPTION. Gift a soul sister or other loved one with a one-year gift magazine subscription to PAOLA LANE MAGAZINE!  Includes 4 issues of the magazine. (BONUS: the digital version of each issue is included. A $60 value!) Shipping is free. This subscription is for 1-year only. Please read full description for all the details.

  • bee positive sticker

    Bee Positive Retro Sticker


    Bee Positive Retro Vinyl Sticker. Add a smile to your day and add it to a computer, book, window – or send it as a “thinking of you” gift! 3 x 3″


  • book with hearts necklace

    Book With Hearts Necklace


    Readers & dreamers will love this pendant necklace! Books with hearts. Made in the USA. 18″ chain. Free shipping

  • books are my favorite

    Books Are My Favorite Sticker


    Book lovers…this is for you!
    Vinyl sticker. 3 x 3″  FREE SHIPPING.

  • cafe on the water puzzlecafe on the water

    Cafe On The Water


    FREE SHIPPING! 1000pcs puzzle that is 24×30″ finished. Imagine yourself in this little Italian village enjoying a latte with a friend or loved one. Sip slowly and enjoy the view.

  • coffee puzzle

    Coffee Puzzle


    FREE SHIPPING! 1000pcs puzzle that is 24×30″ finished. This one is titled “Coffee” and is for all my lovers of liquid cozy! The puzzle is a colorful collage of vintage and modern coffee roasters and blends.

  • content logbook products for entrepreneurs

    Content Logbook


    FREE SHIPPING! As an entrepreneur, you’re full of ideas. As a business owner, you’re always looking for content. Worry less about where to find content ideas by creating a habit of quick brainstorming sessions – then catalog them for use in your social media, blogs, or newsletters. The Content Logbook makes content creation easy! It’s a resource to motivate, inspire, and organize your ideas. Write when you’re not feeling pressured so you’ll have a wealth of ideas on hand when you are.

  • dandelion pendant necklace

    Dandelion Pendant Necklace


    So sweet! Round Dandelion pendant necklace. 18″ chain. Free shipping.

  • hot cocoa puzzle

    Hot Cocoa Puzzle


    FREE SHIPPING! 1000pcs puzzle that is 24×30″ finished. This one is titled “Hot Cocoa” and is for cozy nights by the fire! Memories are made around steaming hot mugs of hot cocoa and marshmallows!

  • I love America puzzle

    I Love America Puzzle


    FREE SHIPPING! 1000pcs puzzle that is 24×30″ finished. What comes to mind when you hear the word, “America”? Here’s a collage of many of those things that we think about “this land”. How many of these American landmarks or pieces of nostalgia conjure up personal memories for you?

  • iconic america puzzle

    Iconic America Collage Puzzle


    FREE SHIPPING! 1000pcs puzzle that is 24×30″ finished. Piece together familiar people, places, and things that are iconic America. See what you can find. A great way to reminisce for some and to share stories with the younger generation. A wonderful family activity!

  • issue no. 1 beauty of the earth

    Issue No. 1: Beauty Of The Earth (Print + digital)


    Shipping Included. Issue No. 1 Beauty Of The Earth is now in print! PAOLA LANE MAGAZINE invites you to meditate on and appreciate the beauty of this earth. From lessons from a 5-year-old, how a florist started her business, downloadable fine art, and more! Includes access to the pdf version with links to downloads for free (a $15 value!).