A Labor of Love

We’re run by volunteers/donations

As I start Paola Lane, it is definitely a step of faith. For anyone that has started any type of business or blog, you know there are expenses, legalities, and an insane amount of time and love that goes into it! My heart is to keep Paola Lane free to all and with as few “products” or services as possible. This means we are completely dependent on volunteers and donations. Want to know how to participate with us to help Paola Lane grow? Below are a few suggestions/avenues for ways to be part of the team at Paola Lane.

This site was built on the idea that women of all ages and backgrounds can come together and contribute. If you love to write, paint, take photos, sing, tell stories, play, write poetry, bake, entertain, build businesses, mentor, parent, teach, garden, plan, design…you name it, we want to know about it! Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

God uses every person and every experience – and we glorify Him when we share our testimony of the lessons learned in life. It blesses people you would never imagine. This is a platform to bestow your heart or write an editorial. Some topic ideas: politics, divorce, parenting, remarriage, Biblical topics, love, kindness, travel, business, overcoming difficulties, opinions on culture/entertainment, etc. Submit your ideas for consideration.

Are you passionate and experienced in photography, social media, website management, or creative direction? Volunteer what you can/want. We sure would appreciate it! Contact Laura here.

I’m not gonna lie…there are significant expenses associated with keeping Paola Lane running smoothly and loaded with quality, up-to-date content. Not to mention, a lot of time. Want to donate towards admin expenses? That would be super-awesome. Just a reminder, we are an LLC and NOT a non-profit so there are NO tax deductions for any donations. You just get to be part of the team and one of our treasured patrons! ❤️ Here are the ways you can donate:

  • Paypal.me/microbizchick
  • Venmo: @microbizchick
  • mail: Living Free Enterprises, LLC; PO Box 961; Kimberling City, MO 65686

Have questions about volunteering?