Going is Easy, Leaving isn’t

Guest Post by Kim Briggs

When family lives far away each visit is precious. Every moment waiting between hugs and kisses is filled with anticipation. Those in-between times are made easier by thinking about my family and reminiscing, wondering how much have they grown or changed, and remembering the different places we have gone, the things we have done, and the restaurants we love. Waiting also involves buying presents, packing bags, counting down the time to go, and planning for when I walk through the doors and those precious people are in my arms again.

Looking at photos while I wait brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Soon I will be hugging them tightly. This year, my trip to see family was very different. The year before my oldest grandson died from heart disease at 14 years old. This would be the first time he would not be with us. It was bittersweet traveling to see everyone knowing that their vibrant brother was no longer in our entourage.

For this visit, I was praying for a special connection with one particular grandson. I made big plans for time with the family and booked a place in the mountains where we could be together. At last, the time for my trip was here. Going is so easy and exciting – looking forward to the awaiting treasure called “family”, filled with much anticipation.

As part of my visit, I arranged for my daughter, grandchildren, and me to go to a mountain retreat for a few days. At the resort, I surprised the kids one day when I started shooting at them with foam darts I had hidden in my bag resulting in a spectacular dart war! Then we swam in the cold pool and sauntered through the quaint little town.

As we walked through the little resort town, my grandson, the one I was praying that we’d have a special time together, noticed a shop that sold knives. He had a collection of knives and a little money in his pocket to spend so we went in. He began telling me about the different ones and our attention was directed to throwing knives; he thought I should buy some. Can you imagine a nana with throwing knives? My grandson said I could do it, so I chose a set of 3 pink camouflage throwing knives. 

After we returned to their house, the family went outside and we all took turns throwing knives at a target. Before long my grandson and I were the only ones outside. I saw his sweet kindness as he picked up my knives and handed them to me. He expressed concern about my throwing from the blade tip. When I hit the target (much to my surprise) he encouraged me. We chatted and threw our knives. I realized later that I had received the answer to my prayer and had quality time with my grandson and a connection that I desired. I would never have imagined that it would come from a $30 set of throwing knives.

Time passed quickly and before I could blink it was time to be going again – back to my everyday life. Saying goodbye to the family I love was hard. 

Suddenly I understood…going is easy, but leaving isn’t.

Kim has been married 47 years, has 3 girls, 7 grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren and a runaway labrador named Sundance. She and her family have lived in various places including the Slovak Republic for 7 years where they served as Christian missionaries. She is currently living at Table Rock Lake and has spent her life working as an accountant for various companies.
She has an adventurous spirit and loves to spend time with her family, travel, paint, write, do crafts, sail, and scuba dive. She writes and is passionate about teaching ladies' Bible studies.
Kim aspires to bring this character to each part of her life at work or home through integrity and honest hard work. Inspiring others to ascribe to a higher calling in their lives.

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