it's the little things no 1

It’s The Little Things, No. 1

It’s amazing how something as little as briefly losing our keys or stubbing a toe can ruin a day. At the same time, a timely compliment or finding a $5 bill in a pocket can make our day.

The world watches for big moments, big opportunities, big “breaks”. As if it’s the big things that alter our fortune or change our lives. But I say it’s the little things.

It’s the insinuations, off-hand comments, a stubbed toe, a forgotten order, a lost piece of paper, misplaced wallet or keys, being on hold, getting cut off in traffic, or a bark in the night that startles and we can’t get back to sleep. It’s missing a connecting flight by one minute because someone wouldn’t let you off the plane first, driving to the store to pick up one item you need for a half-cooked meal only to find the store is closed. Ripping off a fingernail when trying to pry open a jar, or being interrupted by texts, doorbells, screaming kids, needy pets, etc. when trying to get work done.

At the same time, it’s also the smile from a stranger, a sticky hug from a child, an extra pack of gum from the vending machine, snail mail that isn’t a bill, an extra big scoop of ice cream in your order, or a text that says, “I’m thinking of you today”. A feather that falls from the sky, a penny on the pavement that makes you stop and ponder, your favorite number on your hotel room door, all green traffic lights, a front-row parking space, or an empty house that gives us an unexpected moment of peace.

It’s these little things that make or break our days.

Every single day is filled with these moments. Which ones will we allow to influence our emotions and attitudes? And how can we fill the days of those around us with little things that make them smile?

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