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Martha Gets A Bad Rap

Martha’s make people feel extra-special.

Poor Martha. In most sermon illustrations, she gets the raw end of the deal. Just like Thomas. For centuries, people look at Martha and Thomas from the perspective of a momentary, ill-thought-out comment. But if we think about it, there’s so much more to Martha. In the Bible story from Luke 10, Jesus is not condemning her for her gift of hospitality, just the nature of her accusation toward her sister. I won’t expound on it at this time, but study the gospels to get a full picture of Jesus’ relationship with Martha. She was a tremendous blessing to those around her.

It’s good to be a Martha! (without the attitude)

The Martha’s of this world take the average and turn it into the spectacular. Martha’s not only prepare a feast for the stomach, but include all the senses and turn an average picnic into an experience fit for Kings and Queens (and all their little princes and princesses!).

The are the people that make eating and gathering together and immense pleasure. They love to be in the background. They care about the little details that you think you don’t notice, but really do. Some may think it’s unnecessary or extravagant, but think about what the wedding feast is going to be like for Believers in Yeshua?! Consider Solomon’s temple!

God is all about abundance and I believe it brings Him tremendous pleasure to see us enjoying life. If you have children, you know what I’m talking about. As a mother, my greatest joy is seeing my son literally squeal with delight (even as an adult!). I ENJOY lavishing my son with the things he loves or making him feel special.

Martha’s make people feel extra-special. They feed off of the smiles and laughter of people enjoying themselves. Thank God for Marthas!

Are you like that?

If you love to go the extra mile to entertain, think the chinaware is just as special on a Monday night, on average day, as it is on a holiday, eat by candlelight, try new recipes, or are the one that everyone wants a copy of your recipe…we’ll I am looking for a contributor! ?

The Editorial column is called, SECONDS, because fancy or not, we all love to create food and environments that make people want more.

If this sounds interesting, why not give me a holler? Let’s share with each other the recipes and tips that bless our families, make us healthier, delight our friends, and overall, makes life happier!

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