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One Day

Some days are more critical than others as life moves from days to seasons. It is how we enter our season that determines our days.

Most of us love beauty. In my crazy schedule, I still love stealing a moment to snuggle up with a magazine in one of my favorite chairs and simply thumb through the pages, looking at the beautiful imagery. Occasionally I’ll read the articles, but most of the time I still act like a little girl who can’t read and all I want is to stare at a picture book and make up my own narrative.

I’ll keep magazines for years and still pick it up and stare at it as if it’s brand new. Yet, when I do get a new magazine in my hand, it’s almost better than Christmas. That glossy book with thick pages of dreams means a few moments to steal away from the demands of life to daydream about what could have been.

A New Season

This year I became an empty-nester and if there is ever a time in our life when one weighs the place where they are in life with where they thought they would be, it is now. Up until this moment, it was always, “one day”.

One day, when…

  • I finish school…
  • I get married…
  • I’m out of debt…
  • the kids are in school…
  • we have more income…
  • the kids are out of school and gone…

And then one day you look around and wonder if there’s anything left for One Day. Kids are now grown. Life had twists and turns you didn’t expect and you had dreams put on hold for so long you can barely remember what they were. Your mind may think you’re 17, but your body is quick to remind you that isn’t quite the case. And then One Day changes.

One day, you realize…

  • you can’t read the labels on the jars at the grocery store anymore.
  • your kids don’t need you but your parents do.
  • going to bed at 9 pm sounds like heaven.
  • you dream for your kids instead of for yourself.
  • despite your wealth of knowledge and experience, the only job you can get is as a greeter.
  • you’re expected to volunteer your time for everything.
  • young adults think your opinions and wisdom are outdated.

Creative Risks

On one side, these thoughts should give you a chuckle, but on the other hand, if you’re there – you know.

Every day we have a choice to embrace opportunities – no matter who we are, where we live, or what our circumstances are. Some days are more critical than others as life moves from days to seasons. It is how we enter our season that determines our days.

This is a new season for me. It seemed like I had to wave goodbye to old dreams forever and settle for something less than what my heart cried out for as a young girl. I reasoned I was too far along in life to think such silly thoughts and entertain lofty dreams. But then I saw a question on social media that hit a chord. Someone asked, “What would your occupation be if you had followed your dreams.”

Something about that question made me realize that I thought so little of my dreams throughout my life, and it grieved my soul. At the same, it ignited a fire deep within. Even though becoming a National Geographic® magazine photojournalist isn’t realistic anymore, it doesn’t mean that investigating those dreams and desires that are still inside can’t produce new visions.

I happened to be in the middle of a “Set Apart” week at that time. The goal was to turn off as much of the world around me and give undivided attention to God and prayer. In that time, I felt Holy Spirit challenge me to take “creative risks” as I enter this new season in my life instead of thinking I missed my opportunity.

In other words, dream again because “One Day” is Today.

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