“Astro” Olive Wooden Pen


[Free shipping] “Astro” is a hand-turned OLIVE Wooden Pen lovingly crafted by Navy veteran, Thomas Letchworth. Black and gold with star designs metal finishings. One of a kind. Black Ink. Refillable.

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We are honored to bring you this beautifully crafted wooden pen by Thomas Letchworth of Springfield, Missouri. A retired, Navy Veteran. We featured Thomas and his pen-making skills in Issue No. 3 of our magazine.

“Astro” is a handmade ballpoint pen made of OLIVE WOOD. It has gold and black with star designs metal nib, clip, and twist mechanism. The Olive Wood is a gorgeous light wood with a yellow grain. Simply beautiful.  A comfortable weight in your hand. A special gift or a treasured part of your office or writing nook.

  • Wood: Olive Wood
  • Black ink
  • Refillable with Parker refill ballpoint pen ink
  • Hand-turned
  • 5.75″ long
  • Note: Hold the nib or bottom part of the pen in your left hand and unscrew with the right hand toward you (counter clockwise).
  • Free shipping

Each pen is unique. The one pictured is the one for sale.


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