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FREE SHIPPING! As an entrepreneur, you’re full of ideas. As a business owner, you’re always looking for content. Worry less about where to find content ideas by creating a habit of quick brainstorming sessions – then catalog them for use in your social media, blogs, or newsletters. The Content Logbook makes content creation easy! It’s a resource to motivate, inspire, and organize your ideas. Write when you’re not feeling pressured so you’ll have a wealth of ideas on hand when you are.

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I created the CONTENT LOGBOOK for entrepreneurs for those of us who need something to motivate, inspire, and organize. Initially, I created it for ME – and it works so well, I had it printed and spiral bound for you to use as well.

The point of this logbook is to GENERATE IDEAS and organize them for when it’s time to use those ideas. The Content Logbook is a wonderful tool for those who are:

  • bloggers
  • micro business owners / small business owners
  • social media managers
  • authors
  • anyone looking to build a habit of writing daily

The bottom line is that the Content Logbook is a place to catalog thoughts and ideas for the purpose of content creation. I guarantee that when you are in a pinch and need a quick idea for a blog post or article, the Content Logbook will be your best friend. A quick perusal gives you dozens of ideas, the bones to start a project, and a quick reference (so you don’t need to recall where you jotted down those ideas you had the other day/week). But even more beneficial, I found that the Content Logbook encourages a habit of slowing down long enough to brainstorm daily.

The logbook has a two-fold purpose:

  1. encourage the user to write/brainstorm every day for at least 10 minutes
  2. keep a record of where to find the brainstorm ideas.

Sometimes you’ll write a complete piece, only requiring a small amount of editing, other times, you’ll jot down ideas that will need some more development. Either way, the Content Logbook, helps create a habit of writing/brainstorming, then becomes a reference for finding that information quickly when you need it – saving you lots of time and creating space to brainstorm without pressure. I’ve learned that if you write when you’re not feeling pressured, you’ll have a wealth of ideas on hand when you are. 


  • instructions and ideas for how to use it
  • 26-weeks of log pages
  • spiral bound


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