UNVEILED membership ADD-ON


UNVEILED ADD-ON membership to ADD to an existing year or quarterly subscription – or if you prefer to join as a stand-alone (i.e. without a magazine subscription). This is for 1-YEAR ACCESS to the UNVEILED community. (Click here for the full UNVEILED subscription). See the full description for details.



Already have a subscription or simply want to join the UNVEILED community without the year subscription? For $39/year you can join our community where we “unveil” some of the articles and topics highlighted within PAOLA LANE MAGAZINE.

  • It includes regular devotionals, behind-the-scenes stories and photos, exclusive downloads, and occasional live Q&A’s.
  • ONE-YEAR of access to the UNVEILED COMMUNITY
  • Access to a private Facebook group and exclusive emails/content.

NOTE: This is to ADD it to your current subscription or purchase it as a stand-alone. For the UNVEILED membership that INCLUDES a 1-year magazine subscription, click here. )



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