Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

I just poured coffee in my lap…

Today isn’t playing out anything like I planned. I can’t get logged in to workspaces online, email is slow, downloads aren’t cooperating, and I just poured coffee in my lap.

I have a mountain of work (always do) but over half the day is over and nothing to show for it. In the past, these types of moments would ruin my day. But I’ve since learned: sometimes you just have to laugh!

Throwing up my hands, I declare “This is a non-tech day!”. It’s time to step away and create something beautiful out of chaos.

I need to slow down anyway.
Take time to notice the little things.
And not be so uptight.

Ahhh…those little things can improve a day or stop the momentum in our day. It’s the “little things” that brought my work to a screeching halt but I’m determined to find little things to turn this day into the best one.

To find something that makes me laugh or smile.

Our lives (my life) are filled with so much DOING.

When I can’t DO what I want to DO, it can be frustrating. The type of frustration that, in the past, caused me to tear up paper or throw a pillow across the room. Then I’d sulk or become snappy to the people around me because “things” just didn’t go my way.

It’s been many, many months since I’ve allowed the unplanned & frustrating little things ruin a day.

Now, I fully embrace the “sometimes you just have to laugh” mindset and I’m so much calmer. Plus, I have fewer and fewer of those unplanned days. Weird.

I will not let something out of my control, control my day. No, I’m going to laugh as it fills me with gratitude, joy, and love for what I do. Today, I’m going to do something beautiful. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a long walk, doing a craft, getting out Christmas decorations, baking something in the kitchen, or maybe even doing a crossword puzzle.

I’m going to find something enjoyable to my soul and do that – and laugh instead of stress. Work will be there for me tomorrow, and the days after, but today…today I’m turning water into wine, lemons into lemonade, frustration into joy, and choosing to keep this day great.

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