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Paola Lane Submission FAQ

We are excited to discover the talents and creativity among our readers. Whether you are a little one or in your sunset years, there’s always something in us that yearns to express ourselves. At Paola Lane, we want to give you a platform to share your thoughts and artistry with others. We are always looking for images to put in our magazine that relates to the theme of a specific issue. To enjoy & share many forms of artistry, learn lessons that were passed down from families, and cry or laugh as you share your life journey.

Have you always wanted to try something but were too scared? So were we. Just start with one little idea and you never know where it will go. We are building a community of people just like you – so take a courageous step forward because someone out there needs what you have to offer.

Paola Lane Magazine is AD-FREE and for that reason, we rely on content donations by writers and artists. If your submission is chosen, you will receive either a digital or print version of the magazine (based on what is submitted), along with full credit to your work, including any links to websites or social accounts that you wish to include. Occasionally, we have donations to our Creative Fund that we distribute to some contributors. See below for more information.

Below you’ll find answers to common questions and instructions for submitting your work.

Yes! We feature different writers on the blog and we are always looking for submissions to showcase in the magazine. Whether it is something you write or create, or you know of a person or business you think we should feature, we welcome your submissions! We have an executive team that reviews submissions. Once reviewed, we’ll let you know via email if you’ve been selected to be featured in the blog or magazine. Please allow 1-4 weeks for the review process.

Our magazine issues are built around themes. As a result, what we are looking for is usually very specific. That being said, if you have a great idea and would love a chance to be featured in the magazine, send your idea to us anyway because you never know how it might fit in with what we are doing. Here are the upcoming themes we have planned:

  • JANUARY 2023: Night & Day. (submission deadline: December 28, 2022)
  • APRIL 2023: “Love is..” (submission deadline March 20, 2023)
  • JULY 2023: By Hand**** (Note: this issue will be done entirely BY HAND. No computer work at all. All submissions MUST be received in the mail for this issue ONLY. Written work must be handwritten or typed on a typewriter. No digital art. Physical art must be mailed – we will return at your request. Please email if you want to contribute to this issue to make arrangements for your work and for the address for submissions. This will be a very unique issue). Submission deadline is June 16, 2023.

We are ALWAYS looking for photography, poetry, art, and creative ideas such as a craft or recipe.

Anyone can submit content and there are NO AGE RESTRICTIONS! Also, we are eager to see what creativity there is out there. Whether it’s a video, piece of art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, opinion pieces…we want to see what is burning in your heart. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to decline any submission and we will not give a reason. As we grow, we may develop different guidelines for submissions so check back often. Please keep your submissions suitable for young readers as well, unless we send out a request for something specific. The blog may include more current events while we look for timeless stories to share in the magazine.

Please send an email with your story, a digital copy of art, video, or idea to Include your name, phone number, and how you would like your work credited, including any website or social media links. We will respond within 1-4 weeks with our decision to use your content or not. If you are approved, we will get back to you and request an 800 x 800px headshot for a bio. Ideally, we would like a couple of choices to select from. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING VIA MAIL! WE WILL NOT RETURN OR ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS VIA MAIL.

At this time, we do not compensate for accepted submissions. We are an AD-FREE magazine however, compensation for the magazine is possible and solely based on donations or sponsorships we receive through our Creative Fund. Any distribution is not guaranteed whatsoever. Any amount donated to the Creatives Fund is distributed 100% to the contributors (after merchant fees). We don’t always receive donations, so, again, distribution of any amount is not guaranteed.

Nope. Nada.

Yes! If you are selected, we will showcase your thoughts, photos, art, songs – whatever you submit. Once approved, we will ask you for a release form/permission to use your work and how & where your work will be promoted. We do not claim rights to your work. By submitting your work, you are giving us, Paola Lane (aka Living Free Enterprises, LLC), the right to use your content on our website or in the magazine (as we determine ahead of time), social media, and in advertising your content. We will always give credit to the artist and writer. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART. WE WILL NOT RETURN ANYTHING SENT TO US VIA MAIL.

*Official Disclaimer: Regarding submissions, please send digital copies of your artwork, writing, videos, etc. All submissions become the property of Living Free Enterprises, LLC. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT/RETURN ORIGINAL ARTWORK. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IT! By submitting anything, you are giving Living Free Enterprises, LLC dba Paola Lane, the right to use your submission on our website and social media and reserve the right to edit for length or clarity. We do not offer compensation for any submissions but will credit your work and link to your website and/or social media.

ABSOLUTELY!!! We will include a reference to you, as the creator, and add links to your website or social media as appropriate.

Currently, we are looking for all kinds of articles or subject matters for the blog: Politics, Biblical topics, health, lifestyle, business, growing up, hobbies, travel, etc. In regards to the magazine, topics must fit within the Theme for any particular issue (see above). Keep in mind, that the Editorial team reserves the right to accept or reject any submission for any reason.

This is really early in our development so I’m not sure. As we grow, we’ll learn where to place our boundary lines but for now, we’ll consider most anything. That being said, while we are not a “Christian” blog or magazine, we do abide by Biblical principles and prefer that our subject matter reflects those values – or at least doesn’t dramatically go against the Word of God. Even so, we welcome and want various points of view so we will look at each submission individually to determine if it is a good fit for our audience at that time and/or the Theme of the magazine issue.


No. We will not sell anyone’s submissions as a stand-alone item or on a product. The authorization forms we use will define how and where we use your submitted work.

If your submission is accepted to be featured in the magazine, you understand that we do sell the magazine for profit.

At Paola Lane, we rely on the generous submissions of writers and artists. We have started a Creatives Fund to compensate those who submit their work, but if there is no money in the fund, there is no monetary compensation. Any income from the sale of a digital or print magazine is used toward the costs of publishing & printing. Additionally, to help cover admin costs and payroll we are an Amazon Associate seller plus we have our own little shop with gifts. During these early days of our magazine and blog, we do not bring in sufficient income to cover expenses so they are paid out of the personal pocket of our founder and editor. If you are interested in supporting our work, we are very grateful for your gifts! You can donate to help cover expenses here: or, even better, donate to our Creative Fund here.

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