The Art of Nowhere

My desire is to practice the art of being nowhere. I want to be now/here with myself, my friends, and family.

It is in the ordinary that life is truly lived.

How many times have we been in conversation with another person and their eyes are darting around the room while we’re talking, or checking their cell phone dinging with constant texts? Some people carry on multiple conversations at once. Do you feel truly heard?

I know a man who can hone in on his conversation with another human and ignore the chaos swirling around him. I’ve watched him over the years, and that, my friends, is an art. I guarantee you will feel heard when in conversation with him.

How often do you sit with yourself and be in the moment? Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements says, “Our mind is like a fog where a thousand people talk at the same time, and nobody understands each other.” Maybe that’s why I talk to myself so much! Conversely, he suggests that quieting your mind (or meditation) is the space where one thought ends and another begins. Just the idea of being in that space sounds divine to me.

Nowhere spells now/here. Being now/here is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself as well as others around you. Be what you are doing at the moment. Be fully present. It is through the ordinary that life is truly lived. Engage your senses in the sights, smells, sounds, and feels that surround you.

Every morning I go to the door to let my little Yorkie outside. His little body focuses in anticipation of what’s on the other side of the door. It’s like a whole new world every morning. He lifts his nose to sniff the air. His eyes dart around to see if anything has changed since the last time he was outside. Sometimes he even barks as if to say, “Good morning world, I’m here!” He’s engaging his senses at the moment.


My desire is to practice the art of being nowhere. I want to be now/here with myself, with my friends and family. My livelihood is built upon it. In the business of hospitality, our guests want to feel they are the most important person at the moment. Everyone, big and small, wants to feel welcomed, loved, and accepted. All these elements induce a profound sense of belonging. How better can we accomplish this than being in the now/here?

Veloris Junneman is the writer for The Art Of Living editorial column here. She and her husband, Rich, own Shady Acre Motel in Branson, MO (close to Silver Dollar City!).

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