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Welcome To Paola Lane!

A note from Laura

Wow. If you’re reading this, I’m really humbled that you’ve found your way to Paola Lane. A year ago God gave me an idea for an online magazine that would encompass the experiences and views of everyday women of all generations, from elementary-aged visionaries to wise women in their sunset years.

The vision for Paola Lane is far greater than my own abilities. Yet one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my life is that if we give God what we have in our hands, no matter how small, He can turn it into something only He can accomplish. And with that, Paola Lane is starting small, by faith – and we’ll see where it goes.

The vision of my heart is that this is a hub, or collaboration, of many women sharing with the rest of us what’s in their hands. We all have that something that we are known for: It could be singing, playing an instrument, drawing, baking, decorating, hospitality, hosting fun parties, sewing, building a business, writing – on and on I could go. Arranging flowers or photography!

What is the one thing that you do, when you do it, brings you great joy and you can feel God’s pleasure?

We want to help you find that if you don’t know and encourage you to cultivate it. There is a deep satisfaction that arises when we use the talents given to us by God. Maybe you’re really good at doing makeup. Have you thought about sharing your knowledge and skill with others in order to bless them? Your gifts and talents don’t have to become a business or money maker – but if you want to turn it into a business, check out the Microbiz Tips Editorial Column. Some people simply want to enjoy their abilities and share it with others. When we do that, not only are others blessed, but we discover a deep joy in ourselves.

As Paola Lane grows, we’ll develop themes for each month and look for content that will fit within each theme. I’d love to find people who will share their creative processes, tell stories in video or through words, play a song they wrote, and so much more! The ideas are endless.

Be willing to take creative risks

Not only do I hope you enjoy the ideas and creativity of others, but my desire is that you will be inspired to take creative risks of your own. Recently, God showed me that creativity often is a catalyst for healing and rest for a weary soul. It takes our mind off of sorrows and pain – or it allows us a way to express ourselves that seems to take the edge off, paving the way for forgiveness and the healing balm of God to soothe those rough patches. In creativity, we often find joy and discover a smile or reignite laughter. Even the simplest tasks, such as planting flowers, admiring Honeysuckle on walks, or writing ideas in a journal can relieve the stress of the day and act as a prime to the pump of creativity.

For me, when I thought I had lost the sparkle in my eye and felt dry inside, it was through creativity that I found I was more alive than I gave myself credit for.

Soon, I was pushing myself to create little songs from verses out of the Bible to help me remember and understand them. Now I’m filming mini video clips or taking various types of photos to try to teach myself how to capture the intrigue and beauty of life. Most of them are deleted but the result is I’m much more observant of life.

And that’s what Paola Lane is all about. Finding new eyes to observe and experience the beauty of life and challenging ourselves to express it in creative ways – one small creative risk at a time.

Explore this site as we have a variety of topics covered in our first few posts, there are some photos in the gallery, and you'll even find an entire section of Bible verses by topic and eventually will link to stories relating to those topics (this is still a major work in progress!!). I appreciate your patience as we start small and grow our content. We'll constantly update the galleries, blogs, editorials. Check out which social media platforms we are on and engage with us there! I'd love to hear from you and if you have something you want to submit, visit the Submissions FAQ page here!

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